March, 2046

One day

I shall

Become young


I shall

Become truth

I shall

See all beauty

And like the lotus

Each morning shall

Blossom forth

Into words 


March 10th, 2046

It’s cold again tonight. But at my age it always is.


Feeling weaker than usual but it’s clear to me that it’s time I finished this work, these memories, this journal. 

After all, I may not be here tomorrow to do it.  So, that being said let me cut to the chase. What you’re reading here now is my journal, my leftover dreams, my quiet moments and my thoughts saved in an old journal which (if you’re reading this now) apparently you’ve found.

And chances are? Well … I’m probably buried somewhere out in back of the house. Or maybe, just maybe you found me clutching my rifle, struck down by the New America’s brigade’s officers. Either way it makes no difference. We all have to die someday. Doesn’t matter how.

So this here is my last will & testament so to speak. A last statement you might say to do with what you will. It’s sure as hell ain’t Shakespeare but more like all the things I’ve that I’ve learned over the years that might be helpful to you. Or if not? Well then maybe you’ll be moved or entertained enough to pick up a few old books and enjoy them enough to find out why freedom, peace and love really matter and why fighting for all those things matters too.

See you on the other side.

In Poem manet aeternitas nec





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