Not My Time


The deal is no matter what, no matter how bad things get or are that we try.

Even in the worst of times we must remember there will be light,

someone, somewhere waiting.


Like a moth

I move

Towards the



All memories

Loves &



My childhood

And feel the sadness

And the pain

Of each human

Being that I

Ever hurt

But then?

I remember

That I left my


And my bottle of

Scotch in the house

I hear a voice,

Someone telling me

“It’s your time”

But I tell them

“Wait in line”





Published by


(TALON) R.M. Engelhardt has published several books over the last two decades including Nod~Logos~Alchemy~The Last Cigarette: The Collected Poems of R.M. Engelhardt and others. A poet & writer, Engelhardt through his ideas and visions has helped to create a large amount of the Upstate, Albany, NY spoken word~poetry scene and is the former host of the long running "SCHOOL OF NIGHT" an Open Forum-Mic For All Poets held each month in Upstate NY. His work has also been published by many journals on the net & in print including Retort, Red Fez, Rusty Truck, Sure! The Charles Bukowski Newsletter, Thunder Sandwich, Fashion For Collapse, 2nd Avenue, Hobo Camp Review, Danse Macabre, Full of Crow, The Outlaw Poetry Network & many others. Look for his new book , THE BONES OF OUR EXISTENCE © in 2016. All Poems, Writings & Information Contained On This Blog Is The Property & Owned By R.M. Engelhardt. Copyright © 2017

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