“Kick at the darkness until it bleeds daylight.”

~ Bruce Cockburn


You’ve fucked up the day

You’ve fucked up the universe

You’ve fucked up the world.

The words

The silence

No sense

No magic

No deposit

And no return

Where every verse is a lie

And every sentence is a truth,

Where every love is a hate

And every song is just another

Moment nostalgic memory of?

But you got older

You got long in the tooth

With all the stereotypes,

The gray in your hair

The cigarettes and all of

Your faded glories & faded tattoos

So you sit at the bar

Alone with your drink

And you sit at the bar with all

Your stories & words, your soul

Your paper & your pen

An extinct species still living

Here on planet earth with the

Dead & all of their memories

In your heart, your head &

Beneath your feet.

But this is what it is

This is what was meant

To be.

An original cliché

Faithful til’ the end

Of the poem